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Ethics Agreement
  1. I have read, comprehend, and affirm that I will abide by the code of ethics outlined by the Florida Anthropological Society: FAS_Ethics.pdf.
  2. I understand the potentially confidential nature of assisting in providing archaeological site updates. I will keep archaeological site information confidential and will not disclose or discuss the location of these sites with the general public.
  3. I deem it my responsibility to practice and demonstrate excellent stewardship of these archaeological sites. I will not willfully cause harm or loss to these sites.
  4. I understand that information I generate belongs to the State of Florida and the managers of the HMS Florida program, the Florida Public Archaeology Network.
  5. I agree to take on all risk associated with site stewardship and hold only myself accountable for my well-being and safety.
  6. I understand that failure to comply with this agreement or the referenced codes of ethics at any time will result in a discontinuation of my involvement with the HMS Florida program.

While in development...

The following test accounts are available to anyone who wants to try things out. Login with username/password as shown below.

Example Heritage Monitoring Scouts (w/ region preferences)

Scouts only have access to Archaeological Sites to which they have been assigned. Assignment of a site is done by an admin, and is limited to Scouts who have expressed a preference for the region in which the site is located.

  • cjmorton/chet ("Central","Northeast","East Central")
  • fahardy/frank ("Southeast","East Central")
  • jfhardy/joe ("Northwest","Northeast","North Central")
  • bahooper/biff ("Southwest","Southeast","East Central")

Example State Land Manager Users (w/ agency)

State Land Managers have different levels of access to Archaeological Sites based on their agency.

  • FMSF/FSMF (Florida Master Site File)
    • Access to all Archaeological Sites.
  • FWC/FWC (Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)
    • Access to Archaeological Sites on any Fish and Wildlife land.
  • FL_BAR/FL_BAR (Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research)
    • Access to all Archaeological Sites.
  • TomokaSP/TomokaSP (State Park)
    • Access to Archaeological Sites in all State Parks.
  • JenningsSF/JenningsSF (State Forest)
    • Access to Archaeological Sites in all State Forests.
  • MarshViewPreserve/MarshViewPreserve (FL Aquatic Preserve)
    • Access to Archaeological Sites in all Aquatic Preserves.

Admin User

The admin has access to everything.

  • admin/admin